Moore Tornado Victim's Damaged Jeep Gets Makeover

Monday, November 4th 2013, 6:11 pm
By: Karl Torp

A Moore tornado victim is getting a new and improved Jeep after his vehicle was damaged May 20.

Bryan Hutton could be seen driving around the streets of south Oklahoma City minutes after the deadly tornado came through.

"We went to work," Hutton said.

The Oklahoman's jeep, which he calls "Stomper," was damaged up during the storm, but was still able to be used to get responders in and out the Westmoore neighborhood.

Hutton posted a picture online of his muddy jeep and said he'd buy another one with the insurance money. That post encouraged other jeep lovers to come to Moore and help the cleanup.

"There were Jeepers coming from Louisiana, Virginia, Maryland, and all over the country," Hutton said.

Soon after, Hutton was contacted by a group who wanted to rebuild his damaged Jeep.

Several vendors donated materials and a new and improved "Stomper" was unveiled this week at the SEMA car show in Las Vegas.

Hutton and his family flew to Las Vegas on Monday to see the finished product. Later this month, organizers say they'll deliver "Stomper" back to Hutton.

"I use mine, I drive in the mud, use it to hunt. Now I got something that I'd be afraid to let people breath on it," Hutton said.