OKC Home Invasion Suspect Caught On Camera

Wednesday, February 5th 2014, 11:00 pm
By: News 9

Tired of being victims, some Oklahoma City homeowners took action to protect their home against burglars.

It took a burglary suspect exactly 10 seconds to realize Lars Sampson's northwest OKC house was no longer an easy target thanks to a beefed up security system. Sampson's new surveillance system captured a burglar inside his home on Jan. 29.

The suspect is decked out in Oklahoma State University gear, including a beanie, hooded sweatshirt and bright orange shoes. The video shows the man, believed to be in his 20s, holding Sampson's PlayStation3 gaming system in his hand when he is suddenly scared off by the beeping alarm system.

"I was shocked and horrified, too, because this happened to us six months ago," said Sampson after he found out about the burglary.

Sampson is still patching up the damage to his home from the break-in. After a burglary last year, he put in almost every security measure he could find and posted signs warning would-be burglars.

"We have a home security system, we have door monitors on all the doors, automatic locks that we can control remotely through our phones, motion sensors, everything," he explained.

Sampson was able to track the suspect's steps with his cameras.

"He walked straight to the entertainment center and right as he walked in here, he squatted down for the PlayStation, yanked it all the way out, went to the side and started pulling on cords," Sampson said.

The burglar did not get away with anything, but it cost Sampson about $1,000 in door damages and lost wages from an out-of-state job because he had to return to OKC to deal with the aftermath.

"We have a security system, we have all that stuff done, and it still happened again, so I mean you're never really safe," Sampson said.

Oklahoma City Police were able to pull fingerprints and a palm print from the scene. Call Crime Stoppers at (405) 235-7300 if you recognize the suspect.