Police: Serial Burglars Charged In Norman Thefts

Thursday, March 13th 2014, 5:48 pm
By: News 9

Prosecutors in the metro are building a case against two people police call serial burglars. The two suspects are accused of stealing identities and credit cards from people across Cleveland County.

The suspects, Travis Wade Klein and Brandi Rachele Paine, are facing a total of 23 felony charges.

Norman police said Thursday that evidence continues to mount against the pair. In December of 2013, police were called to the Edge at Norman apartment complex on a report of stolen property from a vehicle. The stolen property would later be found in the duo's possession, according to police.

"[Mr. Klein] is a professional criminal, and you could argue allegedly that Ms. Paine is going down the same road," Norman police Capt. Tom Easley said.

Easley says shortly after the suspects' crime spree began, the two charged $195 on a stolen credit card at a Norman Walmart. Then, about a month and a half later, police say Paine went back to the same Walmart where she was arrested for trying to pass a forged check.

During Paine's arrest in January, police say they found evidence linking her to six separate auto burglaries in Norman. News 9 spoke to Paine's mom Thursday. The mom tells News 9 that Paine is no longer in the Norman area and Klein is being held at the McClain County Jail. McClain County Sheriff's deputies confirmed Klein had been at the jail for more than 50 days as of Thursday.

Police were able to identify the suspects when they were living at the Country Inn and Suites hotel near I-35 in Norman. The duo gained the attention of officers after police say they did not pay their hotel bill.

"Many of the items that were discovered inside the [hotel were] subsequently found to be stolen," said Easley.

Court records show Klein's criminal past dates back to 2001. Paine's legal troubles started in 2012, according to court records. Charges have been formally filed against both suspects. Paine had not been arrested as of late Thursday. Paine's arrest warrant was still pending as police waited for a judge's signature Thursday.