High Winds Damage Homes, Structures, Trees in Guthrie

Sunday, April 27th 2014, 6:14 pm
By: News 9

The storms that blew through Oklahoma Sunday morning caused some significant damage in Guthrie. In fact, News 9 meteorologists recorded wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour in some areas during the storm.

Mary Veith experienced those high winds. She said one minute she was on the couch watching TV, and in a matter of seconds after she got up off the couch, the roof fell into the living room.

"I get up to go to the restroom, and this blew off," she said, pointing up at where the roof used to rest.

The wind ripped off the metal roof of Veith's residence in Guthrie, off W. Seward Rd. and Coltrane, sending parts of the structure, rain and hail straight down into her living room. The twisted metal flew several feet into nearby pastures.

"Then I'm scared to death, didn't know what to do," Veith said.

About two miles southeast of Veith's place, Allison Hedge-Coke also heard and saw the damage.

"It was pretty noisy. It was pretty loud and everything just sheared off at once," she said.

Hedge-Coke lives off Sooner Rd. and was surprised to see the metal flying off her carport.

"I got nervous, so I started to go down into the basement and all of a sudden metal hit the house," Hedge-Coke said.

When the dust cleared, only her car sustained some minor damage, but the roof was gone. As for Veith, she has to find another place to live, but she says she is just glad she had to go to the restroom when she did.

"That was a blessing, that's what I'm so grateful for," she said.

Johnny and Rhonda Evans live near Liberty Lake in Guthrie, and say the wind damaged and uprooted trees in their yard. Luckily, no injuries are reported.