Contractor Hails Reconstruction Of Ten Commandment Monument At OKC Capitol

Thursday, January 8th 2015, 5:43 pm
By: News 9

Emotions ran high for some when the capitol's Ten Commandments monument was destroyed. But on Thursday, a new monument was erected; a new one to replace an identical monument that was left in pieces after a car smashed into it.

Crews began early Thursday morning in below zero wind chills to replace this once-destroyed monument. After permission from the preservation commission, the process was met with much determination.

"That was my main goal and that was my goal, we're going to put it back," said contractor, Mike Sanford, contractor.

Thou sayeth, thou shalt be done.

"A lot of pride very happy, very pleased and a lot of pride," said Sanford.

After nearly two hours of work involving a crane and drilling, Sanford and his crew erected a brand new, 2,400 hundred pound monument of the Ten Commandments. But Sanford's emotions are much different on this day than when we spoke with him in October.

"Yeah that was very emotional," said Sanford.

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On Oct. 24, Michael Tate Reed Jr. allegedly smashed his car into the monument that stood since 2012. Reed was arrested that day for allegedly making threats against the president. That's when authorities say Reed admitted he was told by the voices in his head to urinate on the monument, commit other acts upon it, and to "smash it."

Reed was then admitted to a Norman Mental Health Hospital to be treated for schizophrenia. Ironically, he was scheduled to be released on this, the same day, that Sanford and others involved, installed the replica they hope will stand much longer.

"Now I feel really good about it, hopefully this one will be there forever," said Terry Venear, General Contractor.

"There was a lot of work put into it, there was a lot of money spent for it a lot of pride went into it," said Sanford.

The ACLU has appealed to the state supreme court, a previous decision that allowed the monument on capitol grounds.

According to the contractors this replacement came at no cost to the state, both the monument and the services were donations.

Also, the spelling mistake on the last monument has been corrected. The word “Sabbeth” has been respelled to “Sabbath.”