OK Experts Explain How To Spot A Roofing Scam

Friday, April 10th 2015, 6:40 pm
By: News 9

It's severe weather season, which means it's not uncommon for construction workers to be busy repairing homes. It's also a prime time to get scammed.

After the storms pass, the next thing homeowners have to lookout for is crooked contractors.

To keep yourself from becoming a victim, experts recommended that you always do your research.

Roofs spotted with hail damage in Yukon have many neighborhoods filled with the sounds of repair.

“We had damage to the roof. It got the vents, the gutters,” said Bob Steed, Yukon homeowner.

Steed's roof had to be replaced following the hail storm on March 25. Once the storm passed, an army of contractors filled his neighborhood.

“The next day I mean it was swarming like a flea market through here. They was [sic] just walking up and down the street. They'd see somebody you know passing cards leaving stuff on the door,” he said.

But who can you trust?

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) said there are a few signs that should make you leery about a roofer's intentions.

“Cold calling is a red flag, somebody showing up at your door is a red flag,” said Kitt Letcher with the Better Business Bureau.

Before signing a contract, Bob looked up Absolute Professional Roofing Contractors on the BBB's website.

The site lists all the approved companies and ones you should watch out for.

“People want to get back to where they were before the storm happened and they want to do that really quickly and I would say this is a process where people really need to take their time do their homework,” she said.

Contractor Chris Mylonas said customers are getting smart about who they hire.

“A lot of homeowners at this point they really don't even get to the point of construction, they really want a background check on who you are and who your company is,” said Mylonas.

The BBB also said a good way to protect yourself is by paying in thirds. Pay a third up front, a third when they start the work, and the last part when the work in complete. Some roofers also suggest waiting until the end of storm season to make roof repairs to prevent you from having to make fixes more than once.