Bethany apartment faucets run dry

Thursday, January 10th 2008, 9:23 pm
By: News 9

By Amanda Taylor, NEWS 9

Residents of a Bethany apartment complex awoke to dry faucets Thursday morning because their landlord didn't pay the water bill, officials said.

Overlake Apartments include water costs in their tenants' monthly rental agreement.

Bethany officials said apartment management didn't pay their water bill. Typically, if the city's shutting off someone's water, a bill has gone unpaid more than once, officials said.

Overlake's manager blamed the problem on an accounting error.

"The accounting department is working fast and furious to get that paid and all resolved today,"  said property manager John Rodriguez.

Bethany officials confirmed the bill was paid late Thursday.

The Metropolitan Fair Housing Council said water is considered an essential service. If a landlord fails to provide water, a tenant can terminate their lease immediately. The tenant should notify their landlord via letter sent by certified mail and request a return receipt.