Flute maker teaches Native American craft

Wednesday, February 13th 2008, 11:33 pm
By: News 9

By Christian Price, News9.com INsite Team

There are many craft stores throughout Oklahoma. On any given weekend these stores hold craft workshops for people who are interested in a hobby, or just want to learn something new. Recently a Native American flute making workshop was held at the Woodcraft store in Oklahoma City.

"It's very popular. It's began to go worldwide," said Leroy Cully, a workshop instructor. "They are being made in foreign countries worldwide."

Russell Wolf, a flute maker for the past 13 years, recounts the first time he decided to try to make a flute.

"I had been visiting Mesa Verde Located next to the Ute reservation, "  Wolf said.  "I saw the trading post, and went looking at the things they were offering for sale.  One of the things was a flute. And I thought, ‘Man I liked to buy that flute, until I realized how much it cost.' "

That's when Wolf believes started his thirteen year journey with the Native American flute.

He had previous experience as a woodworker. Wolf had created assorted furniture and clocks, but the flute was different.

"I did not get the satisfaction out of those projects that I did out of the flute right off the bat," said Slaton.  "The very first flute that I could play something on, I thought to myself, it was the coolest thing I had ever done in my garage."

For students and instructors, they get much more than the sense of accomplishment after the completion of a flute.

 "I like the sound of it, hearing it play something I've made myself," Cully said.

No matter who you are, everyone is invited to attend a workshop.

"Man or woman, dog or cat, any individual that would like to learn how to make a flute and play one, or just have one of their own, one that they've made with their own hands, I would recommend it," Cully said.

If you're interested in attending a workshop, just check out the various craft store Web sites for their upcoming workshops. www.woodcraft.com is one Web site that is a good resource for such classes.