School suffers from band equipment theft

Thursday, April 17th 2008, 11:33 pm
By: News 9

By Mary Joseph, NEWS 9

Thieves snuck onto a school campus and took off with what band students need to travel across the state.

The school's security system captured the crime. Now students hope someone will recognize the culprits.

The mood is not so cheerful after the students at the Community Christian School learned they were the victims of theft.

"Who would steal from a school, most of all a Christian school?" drum major, Blake Belvin said.

The school band just got a new trailer last season. It carried all the band equipment to competitions and football games.

"GANZ, FOX, ALEX, ANTZ, so we really took it to a lot of place really far away," assistant drum major, Josh Stout said.

The Royal Pride is growing at Community Christian School and the new trailer allowed the band students to showcase their talent across the state.

"This is the first year the band has actually traveled to and from with the football team to games," band teacher, Melicia Sharp said.

Now traveling will be a bit harder. School surveillance cameras caught the caper.

Despite the setback, the music won't stop at Community Christian School. But the students do have a message for the thieves.

"They might get away with it today, and they might get away with it even for the rest of their lives, and never get caught, but one day they will have to pay the piper for what they have done," Belvin said. "So, it would be better to repent and come clean."

The band will be performing at the 89er's Day Parade in Norman this weekend. They also have several out of town trips planned and need to figure out how they will transport the instruments.