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What do you call a thankful, balloon launching, beer drinking boo-bird?  Doug's blog.

Friday, March 7th 2008, 9:38 am

By: News 9

Thanks - everyone who helped me raise money for the Special Olympics by pledging money for the Polar Plunge.  I've done it for three years now, however this is the first year I've raised money for the cause.  Unfortunately, the water seems to get colder every year.  You know, there's nothing like paying money to make me do something.  Oh, what a minute!  What am I thinking, that already exists - it's called a paycheck.

Balloons - A few weeks back I was sitting around the newsroom trying to come up with something to do in the middle of a windstorm (I know, there's very few idiots who would want to do something in a windstorm, instead off out of one).  We had winds in excess of 50 miles an hour that day.  So we launched balloons with messages attached.  Well, Did You Know?  Even though the winds were blowing south that day, one of those balloons apparently stayed aloft for about 3 days, blew south, north again and then east - and landed in Sulphur Springs, Arkansas.  I must really have some special ‘hot air'.

Beers -  You know if George Burns can smoke his cigar until the ripe ol' age of 100 (don't make me laugh if you think he could've lived longer had he not smoked - even though I do hate smoking), then ‘Bud' Smart of Crescent can have his daily beer - at 106!  If you missed my story on Bud, check it out on (type ‘bud smart' in the search engine).  Sadly, due to Bud's choice of beverage, Budweiser misses a perfect opportunity for shameless plugs and endorsement opportunities.

Boos - .. to the 30% plus who voted against the Big League City penny tax.  Now, don't misunderstand my point - I'm not booing you (I love that freedom of speech and right to vote stuff), but just suggesting you use your freedom of speech during an upcoming Sonics game inside the improved Ford Center.  When you DO buy your ticket and you DO go, you can BOO all you want.

Boos2 - the selection process used for picking the photo of me on this website.  It's awful, ain't it.  Trust me, I've been known to smile from time to time.

Peace Like Chicken Grease,  Doug


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