Losing weight and feeling good!

Monday, March 17th 2008, 1:35 pm

By: News 9

Well here we are at the end of the third week of this lifestyle change and it's going great!  I want to be as totally honest with you guys as I possible can and so I have to share a bit of our trials this week.  Yes this is going great and we are on track and motivated NOW!  If you will remember back to week one I stated that I was a very results driven person, and have I seen results; as a matter of fact I have; I have lost 6 lbs in two weeks isn't that great!!!!  Then why was I not happy with that result at the begging of the week?  I have been told that 3 lbs is totally a perfect number to be striving for per week and overall I am happy with that, but darn that weight loss show on TV!!! And you all know which one I am talking about LOL!  I know those numbers that those contestants post aren't realistic for all of us working steadily at this change, but when you want to see the weight come off so badly you just long for one day where you get on the scale and you blow your socks off with a 5-10 lb weight loss for the week.  But I am done grumbling because by Friday Christyn and I had really talked a lot about our frustrations and we came to a conclusion that we need to snap out of the pity party because in the three weeks we have done this so far we have both lost as well as maintained, and it does feel good.  We have nothing to be disappointed about.  So all of that to say, that by Friday we returned to our training session with a renewed determination and had a great workout!!!!!

I also wanted to talk about what I have been doing in the gym.  This was the first week that I actually went to the gym 6 out of the 7 days this week and you would totally think; oh he is going to burn out.  But its actually the opposite, I am an addict ha-ha  It is weird to see how once you start getting in the gym and doing the stuff you like to do (running)  it kind of grows on you to where you really want to be there doing that as much as you can.  I haven't run a mile since Jr. high school, and this week I had a true break through with my treadmill work because Friday I ran for 11 min straight WOW!! It felt so good.  So what did I do Saturday I pushed myself to see what I was truly capable of and it's hard to believe but I ran 2 miles in just over 28 min and that was with two periods of running for 11 min.  Also Christyn and I did some kickboxing class this week and let me tell you it kicked my butt!!! LOL!  But it was great and we are going back this week.  Stay tuned for more!


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