My puppy was neutered

Thursday, June 26th 2008, 6:48 pm
By: News 9

I have a 9 month old Miniature Schnauzer. He is adorable! He's "big" for a "mini", and he loves to play. The staff members at the doggie day camp tell me when he's there with much larger dogs, he runs circles around them! He has so much energy. And I love him. His name is Husker.

After about 6 months, Husker's energy started to get overwhelming. He was more aggressive than he used to be, and he began to wander off around the neighborhood. He was still an obedient dog. He came when I called. And he loved the company of people. But, something needed to be done.

I took Husker in to be neutered. When he came home from the operation, he was clearly woosy from the medication. I was glad to know that at that point he was not in pain. But when the medication wore off, the pain kicked in. He leapt into my bed in the middle of the night and started groaning in pain. I felt so badly for my little guy! I rushed to get the pain medication the veterinarian gave to me. After a few minutes he was fine, and he went back to sleep.

Within two days, Husker was back to his old self again! Running around the house, chasing the tennis ball in the yard, jumping up into my lap, and he wasn't overly aggressive. He was happier, he was healthier, and he wasn't going to be reproducing with any female dogs in the neighborhood.

Although Husker went through a bit of pain the first night, he is a better dog because of the operation. And I'm happy to say, it was the right decision to go through with it.

That's what the staff at the SPOT Clinic in Oklahoma City believe too. With their work, they've saved the lives of thousands of dogs and cats in the metro. And that's why they charge an extremely discounted price. It's $35 for dogs and $25 for cats. And it's high quality service.

If you need to spay or neuter your dog or cat, check out the SPOT Clinic's website at There is also contact information there if you're interested in volunteering or donating. The clinic is run by a non-profit organization and I know that they're in need of money.

Spay and neuter your pets,