Operation Boot Camp, Month 2 - Day 1

Monday, July 28th 2008, 3:03 pm
By: News 9

July 28

Operation Boot Camp, Month 2 - Day 1

Today we started the August session of Operation Boot Camp. We did the same thing as last month's first day, we took a PT test. Those are always done on the first and last day of class. Here's how I did today compared to the first day of the July session:

1-mile run:
June 30 - 10:56
July 28 - 8:43

June 30 - 30
July 28 - 42

June 30 - 11 (facilitated)
July 28 - 20 (full push-ups); 16 (facilitated) (36 total)

Tricep Dips:
June 30 - 41
July 29 - 90

When you hit your second month of boot camp, while the new campers are in orientation, the veteran campers do a workout. Today we did a short relay run. That's where we line up in one line, and the person in the back of the line sprints to the front. Once that person hits the front of the line, the cycle repeats. We did a few other exercises.

After we took our PT test I did something stupid...I chugged my water. Then we went on the relay run. This was the first time I thought I was going to vomit during a run since I started the program. A belly full of water and jogging don't mix.

The new people did really well today! Most of last month's class came back. One of last month's campers, Trey, came back this month as a trainer. He did a good job leading us!

Over this past weekend I fell off of the wagon a little bit on my eating program. I drank two Diet Cokes on Saturday, and ate some cheesy Mexican food. My stomach has shrank because I couldn't finish my enchilada. Before I started boot camp I could down two, plus a bowl of chips and queso and a margarita with no problems.

Every camper has to set a goal every month. Here are mine for August:

*If we do the 3-mile run this month, finish it in 26:00
*Learn to love seeing the cones
*Have perfect attendance
*Do 50 regular push-ups, 75 sit-ups, 125 tricep dips and run the mile in 8:15 in the final PT test

Wish me luck! If you're also doing the Operation Boot Camp program, you can email me or leave a comment. I love hearing about everyone else's experience!

-- Paula


P.S. - Good luck to Carrie and the others at the Shawnee class!