Operation Boot Camp, Month 2 - Days 9-10

Wednesday, August 6th 2008, 12:57 pm
By: News 9

August 5-6

Operation Boot Camp, Month 2 - Days 9-10

Tuesday we did an exercise called the two-minute drill. We would sprint (or skip, or hop) up the hill lined with cones, then sprint back down to the starting point. Once we did that four times, we went to an area where one of the instructors would have us do squats or calf raises. Then we lined up along the cones (have I mentioned that I really enjoy the cones now?) which were spaced about 15 fee apart. We would sprint to one side, drop and do five push-ups, then sprint back to the other side, and repeat. That went on for two minutes (hence the name). After the two minutes we went to another spot where we did bicycle kicks or some similar exercise. We repeated the entire cycle three or four times.

Today (Wednesday) we did something called Captain Crunch. We broke up into four groups and each went to a designated area. At each station we did a certain exercise that targeted our core (plank holds, flutter kicks, etc.). Once we made it through all four stations, we went on a quick jog around the parking lot. We went through that cycle three times, then went over to the basketball court where we grapevined, bunny hopped and back-pedaled our way around the court.

Since today's exercises were core-oriented we skipped our usual core workout. I almost feel guilty for not having done it. This is the first day since I started boot camp where I didn't do the core!

I want to brag about a change in me that there's no way anyone could know. The first month of this program, I was pacing myself. At the time I didn't understand, but I realize now how that mental block can affect performance. It makes me sad because I think about all those extra calories I could have burned. I think about those times when I was just pacing myself, not going as fast as I could, because I just wanted to "survive" the class. Well, this month my attitude has changed. When I'm running those sprints or we're doing a race-oriented exercise, I tell myself to go faster (sometimes I even say it out loud). When I tell myself that, I do. I actually go faster. When we do push-ups I start to get on my knees for facilitated push-ups, but then I tell myself to do real push-ups. And I do them. So the change you can't see is how much stronger I've gotten mentally.

-- Paula

P.S. - You can do this. If I can do it, anyone can. If you're interested in Operation Boot Camp, go to http://www.operationbootcamp.com.