Operation Boot Camp, Month 2 - Day 16

Tuesday, August 12th 2008, 1:23 pm

By: News 9

August 12

Operation Boot Camp, Month 2 - Day 16

I'm not sure where they come up with the names for our workouts, but today's was "Hoops and Ladders." Cute, huh? Yeah, not so much. The set up was simple enough, two rope ladders stretched on the ground, a few colored disks staggered a few feet apart, and some foot-wide colored hoops lined up in a row. It was nothing fancy, but very challenging nonetheless.

Section 1: The Really, Really Long Ladder
At our first pass along this ladder, we got in tricep dip position, and did a dip, scooted over, did a dip, scooted over, did a dip and scooted over until we went the length of the ladder. Subsequent passes included push-ups and the ever-brutal "T" push-ups.

Section 2: The Colored Disks Apparantly Placed Apart by Bigfoot
Here we had to jump from disk to disk on one foot. Every time I tried to jump I was a few inches short of actually landing on the disk. As indicated by the title I've given this section, I believe the disks were put in place by Bigfoot, who's the only creature that could possibly travel that far in one jump.

Section 3: The Mercifully Shorter Ladder
I didn't notice it being any shorter, but I heard a few people thankful that it was, so I assume they're right. Whatever we did for the really, really long ladder was repeated here. Many, many times.

Section 4: The Hoops I Tripped Trying to Land In
Again, Bigfoot left his mark here, as we were supposed to jump from hoop to hoop. I tripped a little trying to jump inside the hoops (which were about a foot in diameter), so not wanting to fall down, I opted to jump outside the hoops. I again fell short of landing right beside them, because they were spaced really far apart. So either Bigfoot placed these on the ground, or I just don't jump very far. The answer is probably the latter.

Between bouts of Hoops & Ladders, instructor Trey (who's off to run the Pike's Peak Marathon - GOOD LUCK, TREY!) lead us on some quick little runs. That's where I found my joy today. No, it wasn't for the love of running, but for what some of the campers and instructors said. Kristi and Mark gave me kudos for how I've lost weight. For a brief, shining moment, they thought I was Kat, one of the instructors! Okay, so it was still really dark outside and Kat and I both have short dark hair, but it was a big compliment, because Kat is IN SHAPE! I'll take my compliments and glory wherever I can find them. The day started on a good note when lead instructor Scott said I'm melting. I can't measure or weigh yet, so hearing from others that I'm getting thinner is a big ego boost. Wow...thanks guys!

Other than when working out, I haven't worn shorts in years. In years. My legs have been too unshapely and my lovely friend cellulite has been an ever-present guest on my thighs. Last night I wore shorts. In public. In front of a date. For me, that's a real measure of progress.

 -- Paula


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