Puppy Parties Fun for Owners and Pets

Friday, December 26th 2008, 1:06 am
By: News 9

By Audrey Esther, News9.com INsite Team 

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Puppy parties are the newest way to socialize your pooch. Recently it was 10-week-old Payslee May's big day.

"Complete with her puppy shower invitations, her puppy cake, her pupcakes and there's a bunch of friends that are going to be bringing her tons of presents," said KC Sheperd, Payslee's owner.

Sheperd threw a big celebration for her little Shitzu puppy.

"They become such a part of your life you just want to best for them so that's what you try to do," KC Sheperd said.

However, throwing the very best party for your pet isn't just all for fun. Puppy parties are a new way to socialize your pet around other people and around other four-legged friends.

"I'm going to try and do everything right the first time so that way we can get past those evil puppy years," Sheperd said.

Sandra Case training director at Positively Canine said thus trend hit the metro a few years ago. Puppy kindergarten and puppy socialization classes are catching on too.

"It's not just a cute thing that you do. It's something that your dogs need and I think more and more people are becoming willing to give those things to their dogs," the dog trainer said.

Any form of positive interaction is better than none, she said.

"Dogs who don't learn to deal with other people outside of their family, don't learn to deal with other animals can become aggressive," Positively Canine owner said.

Socialization, however, doesn't just end a puppy hood. Experts say you should continue to socialize your dog throughout its entire life.

As for KC's pampered pooch, Payslee, she's just getting started. Sheperd said she hopes to train her to be a therapy dog.

"I'm hoping that when Payslee gets older she'll go to day camp and hang out with her dog friends," KC said. "I've got a whole future planned for her, college I'm sure is on the way."

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