Totem Pole Tortellini Sticks

Wednesday, May 13th 2009, 1:03 pm
By: News 9


8 8-10 inch wooden skewers
8 ounces cheese tortellini, cooked and drained
8 sticks of string Mozzarella cheese cut into 1/2 inch chunks
8 cherry or grape tomatoes
16 pitted Kalamata or green olives (or mixture of both)

Optional Garnishes:
drizzle of olive oil
grated parmesan cheese
fresh flat-leaf parsley or basil, chopped

Cooking Instructions

1. On each wooden skewer, thread the cooked tortellini, tomatoes, olives, and chunks of string cheese.
2. Garnish with desired optional ingredients and serve immediately, or store covered in refrigerator until ready to use and garnish before serving.
3. Take 1/2 of lettuce head and place with cut side down on plate.
4. Place wooden skewer in to the lettuce head, allowing the skewer to "stand up" like a totem pole on lettuce.
5. Repeat placing the remaining skewers in the lettuce head, spacing to for a balanced look.

Nutrition Facts per serving: 1 stick

Calories: 180

Carbohydrate: 15grams

Protein: 12 grams

Fat: 9 grams

Sodium: 400 mg

Fiber: 1 gram

Menu Suggestion:

Oven fried fish
Totem Pole Tortellini Sticks
Fruit Sundae

*Thread each ingredient onto the skewer sideways, not through its hole, to keep from sliding down the totem pole.

*May vary totem poles by using honeydew melon, strawberries, grapes, Mozzarella cheese.