Broyles to stay or go and some shanks and stymies

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:31 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Jan 4, 2011 3:10 PM CDT

On the day Jim Harbaugh soared with the eagles and Rich Rod barked with the beagles.Five reasons OU WR Ryan Broyles won&rsquo;t leave OU for the NFL and three reasons to leave early.&#160; </P>Reasons to Stay:</P>1. He needs 50 catches to break NCAA career receptions record. </P>2. He&rsquo;s 1,576 yards away from NCAA career receiving yards record. </P>3. He apparently would not be a first round pick and quite possibly could drop to late second round. </P>4. He&rsquo;d become one of the all-time greats inside the program. </P>5. The chase to a national championship. </P>Oh, and a bonus sixth reason could be related to graduation.</P>The three reasons he would leave early for the NFL: </P>1. His all-important measurable will not improve in the next year. </P>2 Chance of injury. </P>3. Money today, not tomorrow.</P>One of the reasons I&rsquo;m a Phil Jackson fan is his ability to work himself out of his intentional &ldquo;poor choice of words.&rdquo; The latest example being him saying Kobe is screwing things up in LA but wiggled out of potential controversy wiggling out of a possible serious jam by convincing gullible media that he really did mean &ldquo;screwing up&rdquo; in a negative way.</P>Speaking of Lakesit&rsquo;s realistic that OKC will wind up playing LA in the first round of the playoffs?Lakers are fourth and Thunder fifth in West. </P>Never thought this question would cross the lips of moi&rsquo;s, but does OKC legitimately have a better chance in that series than it would against the hard-charging Utah Jazz? Probably not. But the question of pure genius: either that or mere a question of mere ignorance. I&rsquo;m off today and nothing better to do than watch re-runs of The Office, the Three Stooges, The Unit, Maury Povich and ponder odd questions like this. </P>Went to OU&rsquo;S bball game with three-win Maryland Eastern Shore. The talent-shy cagers of Coach Jeff Capela high quality person and coach-- were tied at 39 in the second half before ripping the Hawks in a route. </P>After watching about 90 seconds of this one left me with two thoughts: One, Maryland ES was so bad they were making OU look like the Celtics. And two, that it is a shame that three knuckle-heads could take a Top 15 program and send it pummeling south at such a high rate of speed that one has to objectively wonder if they&rsquo;ll win four conference games and wondering how quickly this thing will get turned around. Shame on Tiny-But Big Problem-Gallon, Tommie Mason Hyphen Griffin and Willie-Save-me-Blake Warren.</P>Been on the Sooner scene since &rsquo;64 (that&rsquo;s 1964, not 18)specializing in foots and baskets. I don&rsquo;t remember any Sooners named Cameron. Now, there are two starters who are athletic playmakers.&#160; WR Cameron Kenney blossomed late this season to become a go-to guy. TR FR Cameron Clark was the gem of the signing class. The wing player is emerging into a likely star. </P>In the memorable words of Steve Martin, &ldquo;I was wrrrrrrrong.&rdquo; Even though I believe the head coach probably believed what the vocal MAJority was saying about Joe Castiglione signing the Sooners up for an unnecessarily difficult non-conference schedule, it turned out that it could have helped get OU into a BCS bowl.&#160; Looking back, Bob Stoops&rsquo; unpopular decision to punt late in the game at Missouri for ranking purposes, paid off as well.</P>