Consumer Watch: Business Strikes Out With Softball Fans

Thursday, June 16th 2011, 1:49 am
By: News 9

Amanda Taylor, News 9

SEMINOLE, Oklahoma -- In Seminole, they take softball seriously. And the city takes pride in its new softball fields. The only thing the new facility lacks is netting.

"There are a lot of foul balls hit in fast pitch. It's for the safety of the spectators and players," Ron Smith with the Seminole Softball Association said.

So before the season began, the Seminole Softball Association raised funds and even received donations from the local tourism council and the high school booster club to pay Awnings of Southwest almost $5000 to perform the work. The first phase is suppose to include netting around the fences of all four fields.

Three months later, one slumping net behind one field is all that's installed.

Ron Smith tells me Awnings of Southwest would say they're on their way.

"I'd come out at noon and there wouldn't be anyone here," Smith said.

Now he says the company blames it on a crew issue.

"We just want our netting up so we don't have to worry every time a foul ball is hit," Smith said.

With Ron striking out, he contacted Consumer Watch.

"I know you can get some things done," Smith said. "I know that can get people to move on it."

We paid a visit to Awnings of Southwest. No one was there but a peak inside shows they're clearly in business. So we left a card, left messages, but no one from the shop returned our calls.

But we did find someone to shed light on the company, the former owners.

Claudine Nelson said, "They don't return our calls either because they bought the company and they're suppose to pay him so much each month. And they haven't paid him this month either."

Nelson said they sold the business in 2009 but would try to reach the new owners for us. And that worked. Someone called and told me they'd be at the complex.

And we talked to Ron and he says despite them showing up about five hours late, they did show up and they started the work.