Consumer Watch: Couple Wants 'Cowboy Cadillac' Back

Wednesday, July 6th 2011, 11:07 pm
By: News 9

Amanda Taylor, News 9

LEXINGTON, OKLAHOMA - Johnny and Connie Hoke cherish their 1972 Chevy Pick Up. It's the sentimental value that makes it so special. They inherited it from Connie's father when he passed away.

"He called it his Cowboy Cadillac," Johnny Hoke said.

"It's the last thing I have of my dad's." Connie Hoke said.

But with the original paint fading and a few rust spots, it needed a makeover.

"I don't want a show quality paint job," Johnny said. But I want something that will stand out and people will see it and say, ‘Gosh, that's a beautiful truck.'"

In October 2010, the Hokes took the truck to Resurrection Paint and Body in Noble. They paid the owner, Jason Voth, $5000 over a three month span. And he started the restoration.

But come January 2011, things took a sharp turn.

"I'd stop by if I was in the neighborhood and no work had been done," Johnny said.

Now when the Hokes call or go by, they get no response. So they contacted Consumer Watch.

"We don't care about getting the money back," Connie said. "All we want is the truck."

I paid a visit to Resurrection Paint and Body. The sign said it was open but no one was inside. I tried Jason Voth's house but was told he wasn't there. While I never heard from him, Johnny Hoke did. And he wants to give Voth a second chance.

"The fact that Channel 9 got involved, I think really got his attention that he needed to follow through on what he said he would do or it was going to hurt his reputation" Johnny said.

They agreed on a new contract. Voth has 45 days to complete the job. We'll check back with the Hokes to see if Jason Voth keeps his word.

Some sound advice before you hire someone to work on your vehicle:

Get an estimate of cost and never pay the full amount up front.

Get everything in writing, something the Hokes didn't originally do.

And set a deadline for the work to be complete.