News 9 Tests Temperature on OKC School Bus

Tuesday, August 2nd 2011, 10:50 pm
By: News 9

Michael Konopasek, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- This record heat wave is making for an uncomfortable ride home from school. Oklahoma City Public School buses do not have air conditioning, and school started this year during the hottest week in decades.

News 9's Michael Konopasek tested the temperature on the bus. News 9 had a student take a thermometer on a school bus for a 15 minute ride. What we found might be surprising.

At 4 p.m. on an Oklahoma summer day, the temperature rises well into triple digits.

"I do know that it was really hot, and their faces were all red when they came to the house," said Christi Roselle, mother of a student attending Oklahoma City Public Schools.

Kids load up on buses with no AC, making for a sweltering ride.

"The windows were all down and everyone was sticking their arms out the windows," said seventh grader Madison Roselle.

News 9 was able to take a temperature reading on an Oklahoma City Public School bus. Our test happened at 4 p.m., shortly after we hit our high of 109.

The result of the test was not much different. The result was 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

"It was really hot," said Madison. "Several people were complaining because of the heat."

News 9 medical expert Dr. Mary Ann Bauman says most children need 8 to 12 ounces of water before getting on a hot bus. She says staying hydrated is the key.

"I think for some parents it would probably be a big concern," said Christi Roselle.

Officials at Oklahoma City Public Schools say they are taking extra precautions by keeping water, ice, and cool rags on the buses in case children get too hot.

News 9 originally wanted to do a ride-along on an Oklahoma City school bus, but the district denied our request due to liability issues.

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