Thieves Steal Car, Purses As Parents Drop Off Kids At OKC Daycares

Friday, November 4th 2011, 6:56 pm
By: News 9

Some thieves are targeting daycares in the metro. But police said cameras have caught a glimpse of two suspects, and they need your help tracking them down.

Police said two men prey on parents who leave their cars running while dropping off or picking up children from daycares. They said the thieves are stealing purses and in some cases they steal the cars too.

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Outside daycares, thieves take cars and then leave their pictures.

"I mean it wasn't even enough to sign her in and kiss her goodbye and the car was gone," said Brad Fisbeck, one of the victims.

Brad Fisbeck tracked down the car he said two men stole from his wife as she dropped off their three-year-old at daycare.

"They say from the time my wife walked in and shut the door it was 14 seconds and the car was pulling out of the parking lot," Fisbeck said.

Now Fisbeck hopes someone will lead police to the two suspects caught on camera at a Wal-Mart near I-240 and Santa Fe. Fisbeck said the suspect spent $3,000 on their credit cards before leaving in a different car.

"You think about it many moms do the same thing, and then they sit in the parking lot and wait for someone to pull up, and when they walk in they get the car," Fisbeck said.

When these men do not steal the car, police said they are taking purses and spend large amounts of money within in moments of the burglary.

"Anytime you leave your car even if it is just for a moment, please take the time to turn off the engine and lock the door, and take the keys with you. Because you are simply inviting a thief if you don't," said Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Advice, Fisbeck said he and his wife want to share with every parent in the metro.

"She learned a big lesson, it's just convenient to run in like that," Fisbeck said.

We spoke with several daycares that have been targeted in the metro. All of them tell us they are warning parents about this crime and sending out pictures of the suspects hoping someone will recognize the two men.

If you recognize the suspects, call Crime Stoppers at (405)-235-7300. Police said you can remain anonymous and could get a reward.