Bob Stoops Press Conference Tidbits

Tuesday, November 8th 2011, 3:28 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops met with the media Tuesday for his weekly press conference and offered his thoughts on the Sooners win over Texas A&M and how specific players faired during the win.

Oklahoma has an off week this week before preparing to take on the Baylor Bears in Waco, Texas on Nov. 19 at 7 p.m.

Below are some of the highlights from the press conference:

Opening comments:
"This weekend was another good, solid win. I was really pleased with the play of our players.

"Some guys offensively that really played well were Roy Finch. He was our player of the game offensively. He had an excellent game. Some guys up front were Ben Habern, it was his first game back and he played at a winning level, Gabe Ikard and Donald Stephenson. Of course, Jaz Reynolds and Ryan Broyles had some big plays.

"Defensively some guys that played well were Jamell Fleming, he forced two turnovers and had a huge game. Ronnell Lewis also had a big game. Stacy McGee, along with those other two guys, were all players of the game.

"I thought Michael Hunnicutt has really done well kicking the ball. I thought he and Tress Way handled the wind conditions well. They gave us good field position that way."

"This leads us here into the off week. We did not practice yesterday. We had meetings and reviewed the game. We will have practice today, Wednesday and Thursday. We will be giving them Friday off and through the weekend. I think our off week comes at a really good time. We will use our extra time to study our upcoming three opponents. It will also give us extra practice time against Baylor. They are a team that is very obvious to everyone, with their quarterback Robert Griffin and host of other players, have really been playing well as a team. They put up just shy of 700 yards against Missouri. They are a really good football team that has played well. It will be good to have three extra practice days to prepare for this game."

On Ryan Broyles:

"It is very unfortunate that Ryan Broyles tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). He has been in good spirits. It is really tough on him. The plan right now is what we thought. We will let the swelling go away and try to build up his leg strength by the time he has surgery. We are looking at right around three weeks until his surgery. It appears to be a clean ACL tear. No other parts of his knee seem to be damaged. The other guys will have to step up between Trey Franks, Jaz Reynolds and Kameel Jackson, who has also come along as a freshman. We will start working on that this week. Ryan is also leading the Big 12 in punt returns too. It's hard to replace a guy that doesn't just play in the slot. He is in a lot of different formations outside too. For a guy that isn't so big in stature, it is a big presence to replace."

On Tom Wort:

"Tom has a sprained ankle. I don't think he'll do much this week but we're optimistic that he will be able to do more stuff next week."

On other OU receivers:

"I think it has been obvious they have been very good throughout the year. Dejuan Miller had a big game against Kansas State. Jaz (Reynolds) and Kenny Stills have also had big games. These guys will need to pick up their leadership and toughness to stay on the field more. They will need to make the kind of plays that Ryan has been making."

On Jamell Fleming:

"Jamell is a great player. I think everyone realized that. It was just a year ago that I think he was second in the nation in passes defended. He's a big strong guy with experience. He has got talent. He is a great player. He had a huge game. He was stripping the ball and he had an interception. He is also a hard guy to get away from when he is locked up into that boundary."

On what has given Roy Finch more playing time:

"More consistency in practice. At the games he has been very productive. The other guys will have the opportunity to get in there as well. I said that all along, that the guys will be able to have 25 touches in a game. I was wrong, he had 26 on Saturday. It does begin to wear on him eventually. We will see how it goes from now on. That was just one game."

On Blake Bell:

"We will continue to play Bell. I know coach Norvell and coach Heupel want to as well. This week of practice will give us time to expand on it and work on it. It has really expanded third-down efficiency and redzone scores. I think there is more to come with it. He is a big tough guy. I think the more he is out there; the more comfortable he is going to get. There is more to come with it. There are tons of different ways you can work that in. We are not going to get carried away with it. It's not something we are always going to do. We are still going to hand the ball of and throw the ball off."