Saunders' Murder Suspect IDs Man Who He Says Helped In Murder

Friday, January 20th 2012, 3:57 pm
By: News 9

Two search warrants filed in district court Friday reveal new information on a new possible murder suspect in the torture and killing of Carina Saunders.

Police are now looking at a man with a history of drug trafficking charges in connection to the teen's murder. Alejandro Rojas, who is currently in custody, is believed to have participated in the dismemberment of Saunders.

According to court documents, Jimmy Massey, who is a suspected in connection with the murder, tells police Rojas both watched and participated in Saunders' murder.

A search warrant was filed to obtain Rojas' cell phone records to determine his location during the murder as well as text message correspondence and call records.

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A second search warrant was issued for Massey's cowboy boots. Massey admitted to police that he was present during Saunders' murder. OSBI wants the boots to extract forensic evidence, including any blood samples that may further link Massey to the murder.

Massey's wife tells investigators that the boots he was wearing at the time of his arrest are boots he wears the majority of the time.

Saunders' dismembered body was found in October, stuffed in a duffel bag behind a Homeland grocery store in Bethany.

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