Hollywood Movie Featuring Kevin Durant To Be Filmed In OKC

Monday, January 23rd 2012, 10:46 pm
By: News 9

From the hardwood to Hollywood, Oklahomans are "Thundering" up for a new movie featuring Kevin Durant.

Durant stars as himself in a movie that's being shot in Oklahoma City this week. The movie is called "Thunderstruck" and Durant's first on-screen acting job certainly was a stretch.

"In the movie, he had to miss shot after shot after shot and he doesn't miss shots in real life, so that was real acting," Writer Eric Champnella said. "It is about this kid who idolizes Kevin, idolizes the Thunder, loves basketball, but is horrible at basketball."

Thunderstruck is a family-based film, in which Durant plays himself, but he switches powers with the child.

"It's a wishful film, a great family film and it was fun to shoot," producer Eric Katz said. "It is one of those ones you can take your whole family to and Kevin is a surprisingly good in front of the camera for a guy that has never acted before."

There are a slew of A-listers in the cast, but you will also see some of Oklahoma's own in the movie acting as extras and Thunder fans.

"To be able to make a movie with a guy who is a legitimate star among kids and has wholesome values, it will be for everyone is it just a great opportunity," Katz said.

The movie is expected to be released nationwide sometime in the spring.