Documents Shed New Light On Carina Saunders' Murder

Saturday, February 4th 2012, 12:42 am
By: News 9

New documents are shedding light on the torture and murder of Carina Saunders. Police combed through a crime scene at a southwest side apartment where they believe Carina was killed.

Court documents show police found blood and hair in a freezer and a blood-stained knife. Saunders' body was found in a duffle bag behind a Bethany grocery store last October. Police believe she was tortured and killed in front of women to show those women what would happen to them if they did not cooperate with a human trafficking organization.

"All of that torture, that's scary," a neighbor said Friday.

Kelly Delaware and Tina Anderson say they had followed the Carina Saunders story on the news for months. Now, they say, it's hitting too close to home.

"Yeah, real surprised because that's like right behind where we're staying and I have a daughter that's [Saunders'] age," neighbor Tina Anderson said.

A search warrant shows investigators searched an apartment in December of 2011. Police believe Saunders' final moments of torture happened at the Will Rogers Court Housing Complex, which is operated by the Oklahoma City Housing Authority.

"There was so many women over there all the time," neighbor Kelly Delaware said.

Police found blood and hair in the apartment. Officers report they could smell bleach inside and it appeared the crime scene had recently been cleaned. Court documents show that Saunders' murder suspect, Jimmy Massey, is giving up who he says helped in the murder. Massey says South Side Loco gang member Michael Knight, also known as the Monster, lived in the apartment with a woman named Rachel. Police believe both people played roles in the murder.

So far, court documents claim at least five men have been tied to the murder. Those men are, suspect Jimmy Massey, Alejandro Rojas, Michael Knight, Luis Soto, and Francisco Gomez.

Most people in the area were too afraid to go on camera Friday. Prosecutors have still not charged anyone with Saunders' murder.