Community Reacts To Stillwater Junior High Student's Death

Wednesday, September 26th 2012, 7:18 pm
By: Karl Torp

The Stillwater School District says their no evidence to suggest the 13 year old whom killed himself Wednesday morning at school was bullied, but Cade Poulos's friends believe bullying played a role in his suicide at Stillwater Junior High.

"Most of the time he got picked up," says classmate Trent Robinson.

"Everyone called him carrot top and made fun of his orange hair," says classmate Cynthia Oliver.

"People would push him around, tell him to shut up," says classmate Albany Butler.

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Superintendent Ann Caine says there have been no reports of bullying in any Stillwater Public School so far this year.

News 9 spoke with a father who says he pulled his daughter out of Stillwater public schools because she was being bullied and said she wasn't safe.

Michael Varnell says his daughter contemplated suicide.

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"I know my daughter said that was what she was going to do," says Varnell, whose daughter now attends school at another district.

"It's something nationwide and parents need to understand and not tolerate bullying," says Varnell, who says Cade's death is a wakeup call.

Superintendent Caine says Cade Poulos's  family has told the the believe Kade was being bullied at school.