Judge Refuses To Remove Attorney Scott Adams From Teddy Mitchell Case

Thursday, October 4th 2012, 8:08 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma City judge refused to remove an accused gambling ringleader's lead lawyer for his upcoming trial, despite prosecutors saying his involvement presents a conflict of interest.

Mitchell is awaiting trial on charges he orchestrated a gambling operation that netted more than $8 million. Prosecutors say Mitchell should have to get a new attorney, because his present attorney's father is on the witness list. 

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News 9 caught up with Mitchell and his lawyer outside the courthouse after Thursday's hearing. 

Adams' father, Dick Adams, gambled hundreds of thousands of dollars through Mitchell during a 25-year period, according to prosecutors.  But the judge ruled, Thursday, Mitchell can keep Scott Adams as his attorney. 

Adams says the government is on a fishing expedition.

"The judge is very smart and he's a very good judge. He's not going to let the government play games," Adams said. 

The judge did bring up the issue with keeping Adams on the case. The first issue is whether or not Adams will cross-examine his father adequately. The second issue is the jury finding out the father-son relationship. Mitchell told the judge those aren't concerns for him.

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Prosecutors say they plan to expose the relationship between their witness and Mitchell's attorney during the trial, but a judge will rule whether they can bring that up before the trial.

Adams also reiterated that they are offering a $50,000 reward for information about the murder of Teddy Mitchell's wife.

Mitchell visibly broke down at the defense table following the hearing. His lawyer says it happened after he saw one of his sons in the courtroom.

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