Booming Downtown OKC More Than Doubling Developers' Demand

Monday, November 12th 2012, 8:43 pm
By: News 9

A housing boom in downtown Oklahoma City has developers making room to expand as they continue adding homes to the area's ever-changing landscape.

The Hill At Bricktown condominium neighborhood saw more than twice as many homes sold in 2012 than in 2011, according to realtors. The builders say they are having trouble keeping up with the demand in the growing downtown area.

Just northeast of the Bricktown Ballpark and just west of I-235, new roads are paved for new condos to be built.

"We currently have 12 homes under construction," The Hill At Bricktown realtor Matt Marcacci said. "Within the next month, we will start the foundation for our next ten homes."

By the first part of 2013, another 19 homes will be built in the area.

"In our neighborhood alone, there will be 152 homes," Marcacci said.

Just one block away, The LEVEL apartments is filling up 228 units.

"I even thought about wanting to get an apartment down here," OKC resident and downtown visitor Lorie Brooks said. "I think it's fun. It's exciting."

Marcacci gave News 9 an exclusive tour of a condo-in-progress that will cost close to one million dollars. That buys a condo complete with a glass elevator and view of Bricktown.

"About … half of the homeowners here work in the immediate area," Marcacci said.

The Devon Energy Center is a prime example of a growing downtown workforce. That workforce is putting more people on city streets and creating a desire to live close to work.

"Honestly, I try to stay away [from downtown] on the weekends sometime because it's a little crazy," Yukon resident Ericka Armstrong said. "But, I do like the feel of it."

People can spend more than $700 a month on a one bedroom apartment in downtown Oklahoma City. Condominiums at The Hill start in the $360,000 range and go up to the $900,000 range.

The population is growing so much that a grocery store opened downtown in October. Native Roots Market is the only grocery store within walking distance for those who live in the area.