My 2 Cents: The Blizzard That Wasn't

Monday, March 4th 2013, 11:20 pm
By: News 9

Tonight I want to address "the blizzard that wasn't".

First, it was a full blown blizzard a mere 35 miles northwest of the metro area.

For those who think the meteorologists blew it, consider this. They tracked this storm from out over the Pacific Ocean, 7 days out they told us it was coming at us, when it would be here. AND the amounts of snow fall it would dump, and they were right!

What nobody predicted, nobody, that I heard, is that the storm, after tracking non-stop for 2000 miles would park on the West edge of the metro for hours, and then curl around it and dump snow on the other side.

One of the darndest things I've ever seen.

And yet I heard a lot of people insist that the TV weathermen overhyped that storm to draw viewers... just the opposite is actually true.. those guys spent hours grinding their teeth over the maps and models.

Then certainly, OUR news department overplayed it.

After all we were the only station that stayed in extended coverage through that afternoon.

But you know, the ratings after the fact, show that viewers flocked to our coverage.

Oklahomans are more weather savvy than people most anywhere else and you understood the potential of that storm.

When it was over we asked ourselves, in hindsight, would we cover it differently.. and the answer was no.