Moore Cheerleading Coach, Trainer Accused Of Offering Alcohol, Drugs To Students

Tuesday, April 16th 2013, 10:05 pm
By: News 9

A Westmoore high school cheerleading coach and trainer have been suspended after parents say they threw a party for students. A parent tells police that party included alcohol and drugs.

Administrators with the school district say the allegations were brought to their attention early last week.

Parents allege what started as a sleep over in a Moore home quickly got out of control. One student says she was encouraged by a now-suspended Westmoore High School cheer coach to drink alcohol.

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Parents say they told police the coach allegedly opened a bottle of Smirnoff and had all the girls take a drink and pass it around. At one point a boy arrived at the party and some of the girls left the house to go "smoke weed."

The other school employee, who parents say is the trainer brought more alcohol to the party, and for about an hour, the trainer and the cheer coach left the group unattended.

"There were several kids that were at this party, so there are a number of things that we are going to be looking into," said Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow, OKC Police Dept. "Obviously our investigators will look to see if there has been any criminal violations. At that point they would always run it by the district attorney and charges could end up being filed in this case."

News 9 got an exclusive listen to a phone conversation between the coach and a student. A parent of one of the cheerleaders recorded the conversation between their daughter and the coach last Tuesday. Parents say the coach was trying to make sure all the girls were telling the same story.

Coach: "Have they gone off with sticking with the story, because I didn't know."

Student: "I didn't know that we were coming up with a story. I got pulled out today in class."

Coach: "So how much detail did you get into with your principal?"

Student: "Not very."

Coach: "Did you say I left and came back?"

Student: "I didn't get very much into detail."

Coach: "Did you say, like, that I allowed it, or that when I got back, I saw what happened, and I made ya'll stop?"

Student: "Yeah."

Then, the student hands the phone off to her mother who was already nearby listening to the conversation.

Coach: "I just wanted to apologize because I had stuff in my refrigerator, it wasn't a lot, but I know the girls had a couple of drinks of it."

Parent: "I'm just upset at the fact that she was there, and she was around it period."

The Moore Public school district released a statement saying they will continue their investigation, and work cooperatively with law enforcement. The district goes on to say, the safety and security of their students is their main concern.