Over 2,000 OK Students May Lack Test Credits To Graduate

Friday, April 26th 2013, 10:04 pm
By: News 9

Startling numbers reveal more than 2,000 high school seniors across the state lack test credit to graduate. In Oklahoma City it's one in four. But, the OKC School superintendent says those numbers are old and inaccurate.

Back in March, school districts were given the option to participate in a survey, and since then Superintendent Karl Springer says numbers have changed. 

At one point it was thought schools like Douglass High School, struggling to improve their graduation rate, wouldn't survive. More than 60-percent of the senior class couldn't meet the requirements to graduate. Now, nearly every senior at Douglass is expected to walk across the stage next month.

"We're sitting at 86-percent. I'm hoping that we're way over 90 to 95-percent of our students which will be a good percentage for Oklahoma City," Springer said.

Springer says the district is in better shape today than it was this same time last year despite the numbers of a recent survey.

"The numbers that were reported by the State Department of Education were accurate a few months ago," Springer said.

"I think if nothing else, these numbers are a call to action for school districts, and for parents and students," said Joel Robison, Chief of Staff with the State Dept. of Education.

Robison says the numbers were never presented as final hard figures which suggested more than 25-percent of OKC high school seniors didn't have enough test credit to graduate.

"We know school districts are working very diligently right now to help students be successful on their end of instruction tests," Robison said.

"We've been very vigilant to make sure that every one of the children take the test, and that we've provided all sorts of remediation for the children that have failed the test," Springer said.

Students struggling to pass end-of-year exams do have options. A testing window remains open until May 10. There's also an opportunity to take exams during the summer. Seniors can also complete alternative tests and projects to meet their graduation requirements.