Rush Springs Man Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer Wants To Get Married

Friday, May 3rd 2013, 10:44 pm
By: News 9

A Rush Springs man who's been battling cancer wants to get married, and soon. 

Doctors diagnosed 23-year-old Jeremy Sweat with a deadly form of kidney cancer 11 months ago. He's had three major operations,chemotherapy and radiation treatments. However, the cancer has spread to his spleen and his spine, and he can no longer walk without help from a cane. 

Sweat and his girlfriend, Chelsi Williams, planned to get married this Summer, but because Jeremy's condition is deteriorating, they've moved the timetable up to Saturday June 1. 

"I don't want him to be in pain on our wedding day," she said. "I want him to be happy, like the rest of us." 

The couple's problem is their families don't have the financial means to get a memorable wedding together by June 1.  Jeremy's nurse at St. Anthony's Hospital, Victoria Huddleston, is appealing to the public for help.

"Any prayers, any help, anything would be very appreciated to make this happen," she said. "This should be a special time in their lives,and you shouldn't have to worry about making it another six months." 

Jeremy Sweat speaks with maturity beyond his years.  

"There's a reason for it," he said. "God didn't make me sick.That's not his plan. Whatever happens, happens." 

If you would like to help Jeremy and Chelsi, send me an email ( or Jeremy's nurse Victoria Huddleston ( with what you would like to do to help.