Becky Bryan's Son Takes The Stand On Day 8 Of Trial

Wednesday, May 15th 2013, 7:20 pm
By: News 9

There was big testimony Wednesday in the trial of Becky Bryan. Prosecutors call her son to the stand. He described his mother as "distraught", just minutes after his father, Nichols Hills Fire Chief Keith Bryan was shot.

As you can imagine, it is a delicate situation; asking a family member, specifically the victim's son, to relive the tragedy and testify. It could be why both prosecutors and defense kept their questioning brief, much different from other witnesses on Wednesday.

Testimony from neighbor, Jeff Kelley began the day. He described the crime scene from across the street and the tire marks found in his driveway.

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OSBI crime scene investigator Francia Thompson would follow. Her testimony consumed much of the day. She said, "Becky Bryan lied" to investigators. It was a part of her explanation for why they did not test for finger prints after finding a gun in the clothes dryer.

During cross examination, Defense Attorney Gary James got heated, pressing Agent Thompson why she failed to follow up on a lead that could corroborate Becky Bryan's description of the suspect. James said a witness told investigators about seeing a possible suspect vehicle the night of the murder. OSBI admitted they did not file that report until 18 months later.

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Then, Becky Bryan's son, Kent took the stand. He testified about a gun stolen from his home. The stolen gun was similar to his mother's gun, which investigators have labeled the murder weapon. The defense asked Kent about details from the night of the shooting, a situation previous witnesses have expressed sympathy for.