Family Moves Into Home Three Days Before Tornado Destroys It

Sunday, May 26th 2013, 11:23 pm
By: News 9

While President Obama's tour was restricted to Moore, we know there are other areas that are still suffering, including southwest Oklahoma City where a family had just moved into a new home.

Three days later, it was gone.

The Hollis family just received the keys to their dream home, but they'd barely unpacked before the tornado tore through.

"A move is overwhelming and just a few days later the house you moved into to be destroyed and all your stuff in it, it's just devastating," Melissa Hollis said.

Hollis and her family of five were excited to move into a spacious, four-bedroom home on five acres of land, with a pool.

"We thought it was such a blessing to find a home with the same schools and to have this happen is so devastating."

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The family had until June 1 to move out of their last home in Moore, so they moved in Friday, May 17.

Just three days later, their dream home was a disaster.

"We missed May 3rd by two miles, we missed May 8th by two blocks, but May 20th, we got hit," Hollis said.

They lost a cat, old wedding gifts, school awards and special curtains from Hollis's grandmother who died four months ago. The family was away during the storm and they're all happy to be alive, but still devastated that a recent move cost them everything they owned.

"You just want to go home and go to your bed. Well, now I don't have a home and I don't have a bed, and all my stuff is gone."

The family plans to stay in a hotel for the next month. They hope to move into a new home by July.