Piedmont Officer, Fired For Writing 'Urination Ticket,' Tells His Side

Friday, July 5th 2013, 8:06 pm
By: News 9

A Piedmont mother was ticketed for letting her toddler urinate in the front yard. News 9 was the first to tell you about the public outrage over the incident in November 2012. Now we're hearing the officer's side of the story as he defends himself.

Former police officer Ken Qualls was fired from the Piedmont Police Department eight months ago. Now he is doing everything he can to come back to work here.

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Qualls claims when he arrived to the area, he spotted a 3-year-old relieving himself in the front yard. Before writing the $2,500 ticket, Qualls says he got approval from two supervisors and an assistant district attorney. Then eight days later he was fired, much to the family's surprise.

In explaining the firing, city officials said Qualls should have used "better judgment."

Qualls' attorney Jarrod Leaman pointed out the firing happened only after the city received negative publicity. Leaman said "It is troubling [that] city management would condone an employee's actions only to later fire him for the same actions it condoned."

The city dropped the ticket and issued the family a formal apology. 

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