Mysterious Substance Found In Water In NW OKC Neighborhood

Wednesday, January 8th 2014, 5:45 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

What if all of a sudden you start finding a mysterious substance in your water and no one can tell you what it is?

That's exactly what's happening in the Auburn Meadows neighborhood near 178th and Penn.

"This is ridiculous," said Amy King who moved into their brand new house three and a half years ago. She and her husband have never had any problems with their water before, but now what they find coming out of their water gives a whole new definition to hard water.

"You can see it when I shake it out, it all comes out on my hand," said King as she shook the small sand-like particles from her kitchen faucet.

"We really started noticing it getting bad on Thanksgiving morning, our kitchen sink was just trickling a little bit."

They cleaned out all the aerators but the next day they were full again. And those are the particles big enough for the filter to catch. Smaller ones seep right through.

Which means the family is showering and washing dishes in whatever this is.

"I just worry what is it. I don't want to ingest it or drink it. I don't want my son to drink it," she said.

Amy and her husband called three different plumbers and spent $2,200 on a water softening system and nothing has worked.

And when Amy posted a picture on Facebook, many of her neighbors say they are experiencing the exact same problem.

"I could understand if our aerators were filling up every six months but not literally in one day. This just seems like a problem."

A spokesperson with the City of Oklahoma City says they are sending a lab manager to Amy's house to try and figure what's going on. They are also flushing all the pipes in the neighborhood, to see if that helps.