Guthrie Families Realize How Close They Were To Losing It All

Tuesday, May 6th 2014, 10:17 pm
By: News 9

Investigators say the deadly wildfire that started Sunday in Logan County did not start as a controlled burn after all.

They say there may have been a controlled burn in the area but the wildfire started first. Right now, they're trying to figure how it sparked.

Firefighters are busy for a third night keeping a close eye on hot spots. Right now, the fire is 90-percent contained. It destroyed 40 structures and two families are realizing how close they came to losing everything.

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"You don't understand the path of the fire," said Danielle Hodges who nearly lost her home. "Why did it just stop, and then skip my house and go on."

Hodges works an overnight shift and was preparing to go to bed as the fire was approaching her home.

"My 16-year-old son rushed in the house and got me outside, and the sky was just filled with smoke," said Hodges.

Danielle and her sons immediately started watering around their home as long as they could.

"It was like up against the skirting of the house," said Hodges son, Jordan.

"I loaded up all the kids, and we jetted," said Hodges.

They didn't return until Monday morning, and feared their home was gone.

"I came over the hill and saw my neighbors place was destroyed, and I was sure I didn't have a home," said Hodges.

"I see the flames coming this way," said Paciano Guerrero. "We can't do anything about this kind of stuff you know."

Danielle's neighbor, Paciano Guerrero says he felt helpless. He says his wife and four young children left immediately as the fire inched closer.

Paciano stayed behind and watered down his home for at least another hour before he says he had to leave.

"We come back probably like a couple of hours late, and find my truck and my house," said Guerrero.

Paciano says he's amazed his family's home is even still standing. Nearly every home and structure around his, was destroyed.

"When I see the house, I say what, I still got a house," said Guerrero.

"I feel like I had an angel watching over me," said Hodges.

The Guthrie fire chief says at this point, they don't expect any more flare ups.