Reports: NBA To Use Centralized Replay Center Next Season

Monday, May 19th 2014, 11:41 am
By: News 9

According to multiple reports, the NBA will have a centralized replay center next season rather than using the game officials for replay review.

The goal, it would seem, is to speed up the review process and increase accuracy. Using a central replay office might take some of the pressure off the in-game officials as well.

The 2014 playoffs have featured more than a fair share of controversial reviews. In the closing seconds of Game 1 of the Clippers-Warriors series a review showed Golden State's Draymond Green fouling Chris Paul and causing the ball to go off of L.A. The initial call gave the ball back to the Clippers (make-up call for missed foul?) but upon review – which could only determine who touched the ball last and couldn't alter the missed foul call – it was off L.A. and the refs gave the ball to the Warriors.

With that sequence still fresh in the Clippers' minds, a similar situation happened in Game 5 of the next series against the Thunder. We all saw the Reggie Jackson/Matt Barnes review a thousand times, but this situation was less conclusive, and the officials ruled Thunder ball (much to Doc Rivers' chagrin).

Not long after that, the Nets' Paul Pierce and the Heats' LeBron James role-played nearly the exact same situation. Brooklyn was awarded the ball despite replay seemingly showing the ball going off Pierce (again, looked like a make-up call because LeBron swiped Pierce's wrist).

It looks like these playoffs will be the last in which on-site officials determine instant replay reviews.