Betancur Family Reacts To Denied Bond For Man Charged In OKC Baseball Bat Beating Death

Thursday, May 29th 2014, 8:30 pm
By: News 9

A judge denies a request for bond by an Oklahoma City man accused of murder.

Eric Noyola is accused of killing a man after taking a bat to his head during a baseball brawl on April 24.

Ricky Betencur, a father of three young children, died a few days after that baseball bat attack.

The defendant, Eric Noyola, has stated from the beginning he was the one being attacked that night, and he acted in self-defense.

Friends and family of Ricky Betancur made a strong showing at the courthouse during Thursday's court appearance. They all wore matching T-shirts with the number 11 on them.

"We wanted to be here to honor Ricky's memory, show our support," said Amy Sanders, one of Betancur's cousins. "And make sure that his family felt surrounded by love."

This was the first time many of them had come face to face with Eric Noyola.

"It was very difficult to see him in person for the first time," said Sanders. "His parents are obviously very emotional."

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Noyola appeared nervous as he sat at the defense table during his bail hearing.

His attorney requested for the judge to consider bail, since Noyola has no criminal history and no history of violent behavior.

He also brought up the fact that Noyola voluntarily turned himself in the day charges were increased in his case, but state prosecutors urged the judge to deny his request and the judge agreed.

Noyola had nothing to say and tried to hide his face as he was being led from the courtroom.

He also had no comment for Ricky Betencur's family, but the family had this to say to him...

"He's claiming self-defense, and no we don't believe the evidence is going to show that," said Sanders. "We want justice for Ricky."

Noyola's new attorney,William Bratton, is from Texas and said he is still investigating the details of the case.

Bratton said Noyola regrets the death, and he never intended for that to happen.

Noyola also faces a charge of public drunk in this case. A date for his preliminary hearing has not yet been set.