Medical Journal Reports E-Cigs Companies Are Targeting Minors

Tuesday, June 3rd 2014, 7:27 pm
By: News 9

Americans haven't seen a cigarette ad on television since 1970 because it's been banned for nearly 45 years, but now new e-cigarette ads are becoming a concern for some and an exaggerated issues for others.

Actor Stephen Dorff is portrayed as this generations James Dean. Dorff can be seen in one of many e-cigarette ads now airing on networks like AMC and CMT.

Some people against e-cigarettes are worried that the commercials may entice young adults.

A study from the Journal of Pediatrics found, "the use of e-cigarettes are likely to increase among youth and young adults if current trends in e-cigarette advertising continues" for the estimated 24 million youth watching those and other networks.

"I think this is a desperate grab by our opponents to complain about something else," said Sean Gore, OVAL chairman.

Chairman of the Oklahoma Vapor Advocacy League Sean Gore points to the demographics of the networks which each has a median age of 45 or older.

"We're trying to prevent our youth from getting e-cigs vapor products and adults to have the freedom of choice for a better alternative," said Gore.

"It's got a good intent, but just like anything else with youth see a scape goat they are going to use that scape goat," said Sen. Ron Sharp from Shawnee.

Senator Ron Sharp backed every bill that regulated e-cigarettes last session after a request from a superintendent who told Sharp he had many of his students smoking e-cigs at school.

"He said he's having a tremendous problem," said Sen. Sharp.

Sen. Sharp fears that if the teen trends continue he may have to do something he doesn't really want to do and that's to get rid of e-cig commercials all together in Oklahoma.

"This is a problem," said Sen. Sharp.

"It is not society's job to parent other people's children," said Gore.

Labeling vapors as tobacco products is still up for debate, but Governor Fallin has signed a bill that bans the sale of vapor products to anyone under 18. The law goes into effect in November. 

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