Caught On Camera: Custer County Inmate Goes On Rampage Inside Cell

Friday, July 11th 2014, 11:33 pm
By: News 9

A Custer County Jail inmate caused quite the problem after he ripped out a sprinkler, flooded his cell, and then destroyed a security camera.

Custer County authorities said Deon Gresham has quite a history with allegations of drug trafficking, eluding police, an act of violence against an officer and resisting arrest.

“Oh, that’s just from this one visit,” said Bruce Peoples, Custer County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities said Gresham made quite the scene when he was in custody in Clinton.

“He was causing issues there. He tried to hang himself there, and so they sent him up here because we could have an isolation cell, where we could better hold him in restraint chairs,” said Peoples. “He was placed in a restraint chair several times before this incident.”

When Gresham was transported from Clinton to the Custer County Jail, the sheriff said, he kicked out the windows of the transport van.

“He was just totally out of control,” Peoples said.

Peoples said he used the bars on the cell door to climb up and break the sprinkler. As the water filled up his cell, he climbed up on the bed, and then took out the camera.

Surveillance video from inside the cell shows Gresham climbing the door. Moments later, water begins gushing from the ceiling, and he takes cover as the water begins to flood the cell.

“He assaults the camera numerous times, but then finally breaks it later on,” said Peoples.

Video also shows Gresham hitting the security camera. It goes goes in and out a few times, before cutting to black. 

“If they can’t get along out in society like everybody else, they’re not going to act any better when they get in jail,” Peoples said.

Authorities had issues trying to shut off the valves because it was located outside. The jail had to be secured during this incident.

Gresham is now facing additional charges for vandalizing the county’s property.