OKC Police Using More 'Crime Stoppers' Logos To Prevent Crime

Thursday, July 24th 2014, 6:24 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City Police are hoping to solve more murders, shootings and other crimes with a simple addition to its equipment.

Like a rolling billboard, investigators are now taking the crime stoppers number straight to potential witnesses.

“We're hoping that this will be like a mobile billboard for the police department as a way to get that number out,” said OCPD Capt. Dexter Nelson.

The department is adding Crime Stopper numbers to all of its crime scene investigation units. Those units are on the road constantly and park at crime scenes for hours in plain view of potential witnesses who may not want to be seen talking to police.

“It will entice people or give them the idea that they can call us without doing so out on the scene out in public in front of other people,” said Nelson.

Tips to Crime Stoppers are a huge part of solving crimes for Oklahoma City Police. A motel shootout with officers in May 2013 is a great example. Thanks to a Crime Stoppers call, the gang unit found a murder suspect at the Executive Inn.

After the bullets ran out, officers took the suspect into custody and the tipster got an $800 reward.

“The last 30 years, we have been either the top or one of the top Crime Stoppers organizations in the world,” said Crime Stoppers board member Don Bobzien.

Statistics show the Crime Stoppers line gets about 600 calls a month, resulting in about 150 actual tips.

For June, those tips lead to 110 cases cleared and 30 arrests. Police said adding the logos on the CSI vehicles can only help.

“We see this as kind of a win-win situation, there's really no downfall to it,” said Nelson.

The Crime Stoppers line is (405) 235-7300.