Police Investigating Homicide At NW OKC Apartment Complex

Sunday, July 27th 2014, 10:32 pm
By: News 9

Homicide detectives are investigating a murder in northwest OKC after a man’s body is found in the doorway of an apartment.

"Through an open front door, they saw a body lying on the ground," said Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Sinue Zepeda.

It was a gruesome discovery for a passerby at the Rockwell Villa Apartments near NW 10th St. and Rockwell Ave. That person called police around 12 p.m. on Sunday and directed them to the unit where the man was located.

“When police and medical crews arrived, they confirmed that there was a body inside the apartment, an adult black male who was located with trauma to his body," Zepeda said.

Many residents were emotional and crowded outside as the man's body was taken away on a stretcher. Detectives don't know if the man actually lived inside the apartment where he was found.

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Debbie Harjo lives nearby and says she wasn't shocked to hear someone found a body at the apartments.

"It seems like there's always police cars over there in this whole area. I used to live back on seventh street and there's always policemen coming up there and patrolling the area, and these apartments are just bad news," said Harjo.

“I used to do home and health services, and we would get patients that lived over there, and we were afraid to go in there, because those apartments are just so bad and we had to watch out for our safety.”

In the meantime, investigators are talking to several witnesses to get to the bottom of what happened.

"In a little more time, we'll have a report back from the M.E.'s office to clarify exactly what the trauma is and what the cause of death was," Zepeda said.

The man's name and age has not yet been released. Witnesses say he had a wound to his neck.

No suspects have been named. If you have any information, call police.