Construction On New Moore Medical Center To Begin

Monday, September 22nd 2014, 6:45 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

Construction on a new hospital to replace the Moore Medical Center will begin next month.

The $29 million facility will be built on the same site where the former Moore Medical Center once stood.

Since December, hospital staff have been operating an emergency room and some outpatient services out of temporary buildings. But come Spring of 2018, administrators said they will replace the scarred earth from the former Moore Medical Center with a new picture.

“We knew the site where we once stood had significant meaning,” said Richie Splitt, Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer at Norman Regional Moore and HealthPlex.

Dirt work on the site should begin the first week of October. The new facility will be about 125,000 square feet and will include an emergency room, typical hospital services, physician offices and perhaps most importantly: a tornado shelter.

In addition four artists will compete to build a piece of public art.

“The art for healing project is something that will symbolize hope and healing for the future,” said Splitt. “It's important for us to show the progress that's been made, our ability to overcome the challenges we've seen on May 20th.”

It's progress that continues to help the community heal.

“We knew we wanted to be here standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the residents of Moore.”

The new hospital will be called 'Norman Regional Moore.'