Teenagers Arrested After Attempted Carjacking In SW OKC

Tuesday, October 7th 2014, 6:56 pm
By: News 9

Two teenagers who tried to carjack a woman with a baby are in custody after police posted surveillance video showing their faces all over Facebook.

The attempted carjacking happened last Thursday at the Walgreens at SW 29th and May Ave. The woman who was targeted is a grandmother and had just come to the Walgreens to pick up some pictures of her 10-week-old granddaughter.

Her granddaughter was in a carrier in one arm and her keys were in the other when one of those two teenagers tried to swipe the keys.

"It was pretty terrifying. I was a wreck for 24 hours," said the grandmother, who did not want to be identified, but is just glad she and her granddaughter are alright.

"I had my purse and the baby in the right hand. And when I walked by him, he snatched that key ring. And the chain broke. I was so lucky. I'm thankful it ended the way it did."

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Walgreens had surveillance video of the two as they came into the store. It showed a clear view of them casing the store, looking around for the perfect victim to go after. Cameras on the outside caught them as one of the teens tried to snatch the key and make a break for the car.

"And he ran to my car and thought he was going to get in and take my car, but all he got was my key chain, so I was lucky," said the grandmother.

But the teenagers were not so lucky. Not only did they leave empty handed, they got caught. Police identify the suspect who tried to grab the keys as 16-year-old Steven Keith Capps. And police says his partner in the surveillance video is 14-year-old Lequevin Kelley.

Police say shortly after they posted the video on their police Facebook page, the Robbery Unit was inundated with tips, not only telling police who they were , but where they were. And that is welcome news to the grandmother who was hit.

“"I don't know if I was the first one, but the next one, he's going to hit he's going to hurt. He's going to make sure he gets what he wants."

Both teens are now in juvenile custody at the Berry House.