Thief Drives Off With Midwest City Woman's Prized Possession

Friday, October 10th 2014, 10:37 pm
By: News 9

A Midwest City woman was in shock Friday night after a personal item was taken in broad daylight.

It was an item that, to her, had more value in memories than money.

Losing the item itself was startling enough for Lauri Kelso.

But combine that with the aid of a neighbor, Lauri was left in tears.

"I'm so full of emotion right now,” said victim, Lauri Kelso.

The things we cherish aren't obligated to make sense to everyone, only in the eyes of the beholder.

"It's kind of like something I was hoping to pass down to my kids," said Kelso.

That's how Lauri Kelso saw the old camper.

It needs some work now, but for years Lauri and her sons took it fishing to Lake Arcadia.

"Never really caught anything just cast and reel, cast and reel," said Kelso.

But life cast Lauri and her family something else, health issues.

"Having my mom's schedule and my son's schedule and battling with my own issues," said Kelso.

With all of Lauri's comings and goings, the camper had to stay in the driveway, held up by tires, which are the only remains because the camper was stolen. But thanks to great neighbors, hope is not just visible, but in HD.

"They're pretty fantastic," said Lauri.

Fantastic neighbors with fantastic cameras that caught every second of the theft.

You can see the grayish truck drive pass Lauri's driveway, stop for a few seconds, back into her driveway and about a minute later take off with the camper, memories in tow.

Images only possible, thanks to good neighbors.

“God will bless them," said Kelso.

As for the camper, "I think if it just showed back up, I wouldn't ask any questions," said Kelso.

Those neighbors with the cameras did not want to appear on camera.

But News 9 spoke with them and they did want to send a warning to any eventual robbers: big brother is not the only one watching.

The police report values the trailer at more than $5,000.

And if you recognize that truck in the video, give Midwest City Police a call at (405) 739-1328.