New Details On Timeline Of Events Leading To Duncan Triple Homicide

Friday, October 17th 2014, 9:55 pm
By: News 9

There are new details Friday night surrounding the events that led up to the deaths of the Duncan family. Alan Hruby, 19, reportedly has confessed to taking the lives of his mother, father and sister. 

On Oct. 8 or 9 investigators said they believe Alan Hruby made his first trip to Duncan and stole his father's handgun. On Oct. 9, Hruby was pulled over by Duncan police and gave them a fake name. He was given a ticket and is let go.

Later that morning, John Hruby reported the handgun stolen. Hours later, Alan Hruby made a second trip to Duncan. He parked down the street from his parents' house, sneaked in the backdoor and killed his mother, investigators said.

“He shot her once. She fell to the ground. He then fired another shot,” Stephens County District Attorney Jason Hicks said.

That afternoon, Katherine Hruby stopped by to visit her friend and then went home to do chores.

“She was supposed to stay with me Friday, and after school she'd always just come by and say 'hey.' She told me, ‘I've got to go home and do dishes so I can stay with you Friday, and after that I never heard from her,” said Katherine's friend Makenzie Craig.

Investigators said Alan Hruby shot his sister Katherine once in the neck when she came inside from washing her car, then waited about an hour and John Hruby arrived home. Alan Hruby shot and killed his father, the DA said.

“He stayed in the house and waited until his dad came home, and when his dad came home he fired a shot,” Hicks said. “His dad fell to the ground and while he was on the ground, he shot him one more time.”

Prosecutors said Alan then threw the gun and the home surveillance video into a lake. Hruby headed to Dallas for the University of Oklahoma football game against the University of Texas with friends and stayed at The Ritz-Carlton.

“We were laughing, making jokes and he was hiding this,” friend Andrew Burmann said.

On Sunday, Oct. 12, Hruby posted a picture on Instagram and Twitter from Dallas. The time stamp said 3:16 a.m. On Monday morning, Oct. 13, the family housekeeper found the bodies of John, Tinker and Katherine Hruby and called 911.

“I think they're dead,” she said. “They're ice cold.”

That afternoon, Alan Hruby was taken into custody on unrelated complaints after he showed up at the scene.

“He was very nonchalant and a little cold and kind of calloused,” Hicks said.

About two years ago Hruby was in trouble for allegedly assaulting his mother over money. He was open about his expensive taste on social media as well as his disdain for his family, calling them psycho, hints of a horrendous crime that nobody saw coming.

Wednesday, Hruby was charged with three counts of first-degree murder and remains in jail.