Ada Woman Confronts Home Invasion Suspects

Monday, November 3rd 2014, 7:19 pm
By: News 9

While an Ada grandmother was taking a shower, two people allegedly entered her home and stole jewelry.

One person was already arrested for this crime, but the search continues for a man still on the run.

Shirley Phillips said she believes this crime wasn't random. That's because the duo bypassed her purse and other valuables and went straight to her jewelry box. She felt it was someone she knows or who's been in her home recently.

“When you're old and in the shower and a stranger sticks their head in the bathroom door it's a feeling you can't even describe. You know that he is between you and anything you can get,” she said.

Phillips said moments before this happened she realized her back door was unlocked. Just as she shut the water off, her bathroom door opened.

“So I scream out at him ‘what do you want?' and he started saying “oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm looking for Gary,' and I said ‘you better get out of here',” explained Phillips.

Phillips got out of the shower watching as a man and woman, Jennifer Manos, walked away from her home casually, seeming unafraid. Clutched in Manos' arms, Phillips said, were some of her most valuable possessions. It was a small jewelry box with what's estimated to be more than $58,000 worth of rings and earrings inside.

Phillips' daughter caught Manos down the road at a nearby trailer park, but her jewels were gone. She said she believes the man from the bathroom took off with them.

Pontotoc County Sheriff's Office said it continues to actively look for him.

Phillips said the memory of that frightening moment will haunt her forever.

“I'll never forget. Never. It's burned in my memory as if someone had seared it there with a red hot instrument. That's something you just don't forget."

Phillips said she is offering two rewards. The first reward is $500 for anyone with a tip leading to the man's arrest. And the second is a $1,000 reward for the return of the jewelry. She said no questions asked, she just wants it back.