OKC Homeowner Catches Break-In On Camera

Monday, November 3rd 2014, 11:20 pm
By: News 9

A metro family's home was broken into, and family members said they think they have the suspects on video. They asked for our help identifying them before someone else is targeted. It happened near SW 54th Place and May Avenue and a neighbor's surveillance camera got a pretty good look.

It looked like a couple of teens were just walking down the street, but the two seen in the video were up to something. Watch them point over to the right and head in that direction. Josh Bigmedicine said they made an unwanted stop at his house.

When he was gone to work and his wife was out with the kids, somebody broke into the backdoor of their home, tore up the house, took what they could and walked away with without being noticed.

“They looked like they were about to take my laptop,” homeowner Josh Bigmedicine said. “They took my son's PS3. They took my daughter's tablet. They're stealing from a three year old and a six year old.”

Cash was also taken, and the family is still finding things that are gone and documents that have been rummaged through in the bedroom.

“Looking at our social security cards, our birth certificates, high school diplomas,” Bigmedicine said.

But there was something very helpful left behind, and it didn't belong to Bigmedicine or his family - a white polo shirt with a blood stain. Police took it for evidence and a camera took video.

“This guy over here luckily has cameras on his house,” Bigmedicine said. “You can see them walking out like nothing happened. Really it's pretty scary, because I have my wife here with my kids, and I'm at work. It takes away your sense of security.”

But not all of it.

“I got you on camera. Bring it back, and I won't press charges,” he said. “If you don't bring it back, and we find you, I'm pushing it all the way.”

If you recognize the people in the video, call police.